Club Structure



Position Name
President Lion John Carter
Immediate Past President Lion Sarah Dorrington
1st Vice President Lion John Gee
2nd Vice President Lion John Gee
3rd Vice President Lion Terri Stephens
First Director Lion Christopher Muschamp
Second Director Lion Janet Walton
Secretary Lion Tony Parris
Treasurer Lion Ron Whitehead
Health & Safety Officer (& Vulnerable Persons Officer) Lion Alan Ranger
Lion Tamer Lion Val Whitehead
Membership Director Lion Ken Saunders


Committee Committee Members
Activities Lions Simon Wilding, John Gee, Jo Lilley, Tony Parris, John Rankin and Ron Whitehead
Welfare Lions Alan Ranger, Terri Stephens, Tony Parris, Pat Nall, Christine Muschamp, Janet Walton, Simon Wilding and John Rankin.
Finance Lions Ron Whitehead and Alan Ranger.
The Book Den

Lions John Gee, Colin Owen, Norman Evenden, Colin Weavil, Ken Saunders and Alan Ranger.

Shop Phone Number:   01444 233278
Charter Lions Cliff Coxshaw, Ron Whitehead, Val Whitehead, Christine Coxshaw and Alan Ranger.
IT/Website Lion John Thomson.
Membership Lions Ken Saunders, Val Parris, Tony Parris and John Gee.
Burgess Hill Bike Ride Lions John Thomson, Terri Stephens, Jo Lilley and John Rankin.