Club Charter Anniversaries

What on earth are Charter Anniversaries?

Charter Anniversaries are held each year and are a celebration of the Club's 'birthday'.  When a Lions Club is formed it has to be incorporated into the Association of Lions Clubs International and at this time the Club will then receive its Charter. This date becomes the 'birthday' of the Club and on approximately the same day in each year thereafter, the Club celebrates this day by holding an event that is known as a 'Charter Anniversary' (sometimes shortened to 'Charter').

Each Lions Clubs will choose its own way of celebrating this occasion.  The most popular way is to hold a formal dinner/dance with speeches, etc., proclaiming the Club's good work and honouring members if appropriate.

Over the years, the function has lost some of its formality and sometimes lower cost events have replaced it. 

Many Clubs have not had guidance on how to put on a formal event like this or how to handle the finance for it and so Life Member David Saunders of Burgess Hill District Lions Club, together with other members, put together a guide to organising a Charter.

Lion David Saunders was a Charter member of Burgess Hill District Lions Club, and has helped spread Lionism throughout the British Isles and Ireland on behalf of Lions Clubs International.

The Club's hints on how to put on a successful function, together with the appropriate protocol, have been made available to other Lions Clubs for their use and can be downloaded here.

This is a .pdf file and if you need software to read it, this can be downloaded from this  website link.