LVS Hassocks

Visit of Nick Herbert, MP

Nick Herbert\'s visit to LVS

Nick Herbert, MP, visited LVS Hassocks on 14th May 2012 to see what they do.  He is shown here with the the Head Teacher, Sarah Sherwood, Lion Tony Parris and two of the pupils.

Learning the Lessons For Life

Lions presentation of TACADE to LVS Hassocks

Thanks to the Burgess Hill District Lions, staff at LVS Hassocks now have some fantastic resources and workbooks to help teach the students about their personal health and well being.

Students at the specialist school for children with Asperger's and autism will have the chance to play games and take part in interactive activities that tackle some of  the challenges, opportunities and risks that they are likely to come across in their teenage years. 

Jackie Doe, Deputy Head Teacher said: "We are very grateful to the Burgess Hill District Lions for their donation. These workbooks are ideal tools for staff to use in their PHSE lessons.  The ‘Live Matters' games and activities will no doubt start up some lively and interesting discussions!  The Citizenship book is the ideal learning platform for looking at the world we live in and the impact of the choices the students make in their lives."

As keen supporters of the school, the Lions President, John Thomson, and Secretary, Tony Parris, took the opportunity to enjoy a tour of the school and spend some time with the students exploring how to play one of the games that is part of the TACADE package.