Trauma Teddies

When children are injured and need to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance, it can be very frightening for them.  What better than to clutch a teddy to take their mind off things?

Presentation of Trauma Teddies 19th March 2014

Above photo courtesy of Steve Robards, Mid Sussex Times

   Presentation of Trauma Teddies to South East Ambulance Brigade

The Lions have presented teddies to the South East Ambulance Brigade and these are kept in every ambulance for just this occasion.  Many a child has been helped by this and we provide more and more to the Brigade, when requested.

We received this email which shows how useful these bears are in more ways than may seem obvious.

I saw your article in the citizen (dated 11th April) about the trauma
teddies the Lions recently donated to the local ambulance service.  I
thought as a mum what a lovely idea.  Little did I know I would meet
one of your bears a few days later when working as a nurse at the
local Hospital.  One of your bears accompanied an older lady with
learning disabilities to our coronary care unit.  When we named him
after her friend so she would feel safe, I was also able to use the
bear to explain what was about to happen.  That little bear was so
valuable and I wanted to send my thanks for your work and generous

Another email said:

Just to say a massive thank you for the replacement teddy you gave us
My little boy hugged his teddy so tight from the moment he was in the
ambulance, throughout the time at hospital and whilst at home, it was such a
comfort to him. It is such a wonderful idea, children can be very scared
when getting in to an ambulance and this really helped my little one.
Once again thank you!