Message in a Bottle

This began from an idea that a policeman in Fife had and has since been adopted by the Kendal Lions in 1999 and then in 2004 by the Lions Multiple District Convention.

Today, this 'Message in a Bottle' has become widely known nationally.

Message-in-a-bottle Scheme

Whilst it is focused on the more vulnerable people in our community, anyone can have an accident at home, so this scheme can benefit anyone, including you. If an accident or illness occurs at home it will save the emergency services valuable time identifying you and your emergency contacts. By telling whether you have special medication or allergies or not, it is a potential lifesaver and provides peace of mind to users and their friends and families.

The Message in a Bottle scheme is free and involves simply completing a medical/contact form, inserting it in the plastic bottle provided, and placing the bottle in the fridge. Two stickers are also provided, one to put on the door of the fridge and one just inside the front door to alert the emergency services in the event of an accident or illness at home. 

Burgess Hill District Lions provides these bottles to all people who may need them.  You can find them at the Book Den.

We  keep a large stock and also supply them to smaller Lions Clubs who wish to issue them in their areas.