Provision of Defibrillators

Burgess Hill District Lions Club has a policy of providing as many defibrillators in public places as we can.  The quicker people can be treated after having a heart attack the greater their chances of survival. 

The latest defibrillators are fully automatic and talk the user through exactly what to do.  They will not shock a person unless the machine detects a problem with the heart.  The Ambulance Service fully support this initiative and would like as many as possible throughout the area.  The following pictures show a few of the presentations of these machines in the area.

St Johns Church, Burgess Hill

Defibrillator in St Johns Church

Jupps Fish n Chips in West Street, Burgess Hill

Defibrillator Presentation at Jupps Fish & Chips

Company Directors Martyn and Marie Jupp of Jupps Fish n Chips in West Street, Burgess Hill have chipped in, along with Debbie and Bobbie at Artisan Hair House to purchase a defribrillator. 

They say that "We were approached by Burgess Hill District Lions who asked us to contribute 50% of the cost of the defribrillator and we were more than happy to do so.  We saw it as a good way of giving something back to the people of Burgess Hill who support both businesses.  If anybody would like to attend one of the training sessions that will be held shortly in the use of the machine please contact either Martyn at Jupps on 01444 232595 or Debbie at Artisan on 01444 233651 and we will let you know when they are to be held."

 You will see the unit situated on the Jupps Fish n Chips shop wall for anyone to use in an emergency, with the help of First Responders and the 999 emergency service.

Kings Church, Burgess Hill (April 2014)

Presentation of defibrillator to King's Church 

(Photo courtesy of Steve Robards, Mid Sussex Times)

King's Church in Victoria Road, Burgess Hill, is used by 28 separate organisations each week with nearly 1,000 adults and 700 children attending each week.  The defibrillator will also be accessible by the Business Park.  Lions Alan Ranger and Barbara Neal were pleased to present this new defibrillator to Jim Partridge, Senior Pastor of King's Church.  The picture shows Lion Alan Ranger, Derek Middlehurst, Team Leader First Responders, Jim Partridge, Stephen Pitt of Tracmaster, Chairman of BHBPA, and Lion Barbara Neal.

Hassocks Railway Station (March 2014)

Lion President John Gee presenting defibrillator to Hassocks Station

(Photo courtesy of Steve Robards, Mid Sussex Times)

On Monday 3rd March John Gee, Lion President of Burgess Hill District Lions Club, had great pleasure in presenting to Gordon Marples, Chairman of Mid Sussex District Council, the latest defibrillator the club has purchased for placement on the west side of Hassocks Railway Station. The defibrillator was purchased with money raised from Christmas collections and working closely with the Mid Sussex Community First Responders we are able to achieve so much. This brings our total to 12 installed locally with more planned for this on-going project.

Oakmeeds Community College (September 2012)

Presentation of defibrillator to Oalmeeds Community College

Downlands Community College Installation (June 2012)

Installation of Defibrillator at Downlands Community College 

 The Marlets Hall (April 2012)

Presentation of Defibrillator to Chair of Mid Sussex and The Martlets Manager

St Paul's Catholic College and Downlands Community College (January 2012)

 St Paul\'s Head Boy and Girl with Defibrillators for St Paul\'s Catholic College and Downlands School

Burgess Hill Railway Station (May 2009)

Presentation of Defibrillator to Ambulance Brigade at Burgess Hill Station

Picture courtesy of the Mid Sussex Times

Burgess Hill Market Place (December 2007)

Presentation of Defibrillator to Burgess Hill Market Place